Course Guide

AIPC Terms and Conditions


Entry Requirements & Admission Procedures

Our courses are delivered in English and as such it is required that students have a good level of English language capability.

Students must be a minimum of 18 years of age or provide parental permission.

You can be enrolled and start studying upon having submitted a completed enrolment form and supplied proof of payment / first payment.

We encourage students to complete their studies within 12 months where possible as when there are changes to the course accreditation requirements you may be required to re-study and re-submit the effected units of study.

Course Completion

To successfully complete your coaching course you must be assessed as being competent in all units of the course. 

Course Fees

• Students are advised of the course fees in the Brochure that you received when making the initial enquiry. Fees may be paid upfront or via a monthly Payment Plan.

• From time to time special offers may result in different course fees being paid.

• Students receive access to all the units of study via our Member’s website immediately you begin the course. You can then proceed at your own pace through the learning material.

• If you fail to meet your payment obligations, then after three attempts to rectify the situation, your login will be withdrawn until past arrears have been finalised.

• Full payment must be received before the final Diploma is issued.

Recognition of Prior Learning

• Recognition of Prior Learning is the recognition of skills and knowledge that a student has obtained through previous education, training or experience, which may entitle you to an exemption for a particular unit of study.

Students who believe that they meet the learning outcomes for a particular unit of study may apply for RPL for that unit by calling 0450 330 855 or emailing to receive a Recognition of Prior Learning Form to complete. Note: There is no Application Fee to be paid on lodging the application, there is no reduction in course fees and you still have access to the RPL units we still require that you "read only" the units you receive RPL for. 

Student Conduct 

Students are expected to behave with all due respect for the teaching staff and fellow students. This means:

•  Addressing others with courtesy and good manners at all times including during telephone conversations, at workshops and via email communication.

• Being polite and professional in terms of language, conduct and behaviour.

•  Ensuring your own personal safety and that of others at all times.

•  Students in breach of these requirements will be advised in writing and expected to behave appropriately in the future. If three written warnings are issued the student’s enrolment will be cancelled. The student may appeal the decision, in writing, to the Chief Executive Officer, who will thereafter conduct an investigation as per the Complaints Procedure.

 Cancellation Policy

Students have 5 calendar days after making your payment / first payment to cancel your enrolment. You should notify the Administration Manager in writing to register your cancellation and request a refund of the course fees (email: [email protected]).  In such circumstances an administration fee equivalent to 10% of the total course fee will be levied.

The student’s login access to the course will be immediately cancelled.

Deferral from course

Students may defer their studies for a period of up to 12 months (2 x 6 month extensions) provided that the course will be completed within a 2 year period. If a payment plan has been entered into, a payment of one-third of the monthly fee plan must continue to be made during the deferral period. Students should email [email protected] to discuss their situation so that an amended fee payment plan can be arranged. 

Change of Address 

You should notify AIPC immediately if you change your personal details e.g. phone number, email address, residential address by emailing [email protected]

Complaints Policy

All complaints should be made in writing within 14 days of an incident occurring, the sooner the better. Complaints should be made by email to [email protected]. Verbal complaints will not be considered. The following dispute resolution procedure will then be enacted:

• Discussion with the complainant and any others involved in order to develop a better understanding of the problem and situation.

•  Verification of the problem and situation by independent witnesses if possible. Mediation session with the complainant and others as appropriate to resolve the situation.

• If a solution is not reached within 21 days of receiving the complaint, the services of an independent mediator may be engaged at the joint expense of the complainant and AIPC. The decision of the external mediator will be final. Confidentiality From time to time and especially during webinar and coaching sessions, matters may arise of a confidential nature, for example, the name of a particular person and their situation. If this occurs, students should respect the confidentiality of these sessions.


The intellectual property of the Short courses and Diploma Coaching courses and associated learning materials is held by the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. Students may use sections of the learning material for your own purposes in furthering your coaching career, for example, to develop workshops or presentations based around some of the key models or theoretical approaches included in the course. However none of the material may be used for commercial purposes except with the express written permission of the AIPC. Privacy Policy According to the laws protecting the privacy of individuals and their information which came into effect on 12th March 2014 (The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 and Privacy Regulation 2013) the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches will only collect your personal details at the time of sale relevant to your purchase, enrolment in the course, and optimisation of your learning. 

This data will only be used to: Provide you with the educational service you require to successfully complete your course; Obtain feedback from you about the course; Advise you of upcoming events relevant to your course or associated life coaching interests; Administer and manage your course, including billing and collecting debts;  Further develop and improve our business and educational systems;  Inform you about new products and services that we may introduce from time to time; and to Report to government agencies as required by law. 

The AIPC may disclose your personal information to the following organisations:

Service providers who assist with managing the services we provide to you including information technology, educational services, marketing and debt recovery.  Licensees that provide educational services and qualifications on behalf of the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches. Government and regulatory authorities during audit of the service we provide to you or information reporting requirements.

Your personal information is stored in a secure facility so as to protect it from misuse, either accidental or intentional. Only those staff who require your information for the purpose of enhancing your learning experience or ensuring your safety are authorised to access it.

Your personal information and related data will not be passed on or sold to any other person or organisation without your express permission unless there is a legal requirement or medical necessity to do so. Staff of the AIPC have been advised accordingly. Should  you wish to view your personal data held by the AIPC, you should make this request in writing to Administration Manager, [email protected]. Cost-recovery fees may apply if information needs to be photocopied, reproduced and / or transmitted to you at an expense. Please allow 21 days to receive the requested information. If the record is found to be in error, it will be amended accordingly.