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Business Solutions

Changes in the external marketplace require organisational leaders to be flexible and adaptable in exploiting their human capital resources. Coaching has been proven to be a very effective and powerful way of contributing to an individual’s growth and potential, as well as bringing about improvements in performance and productivity. Solution-focused and goal-oriented coaching conversations can bring about immediate, successful outcomes.

In order to feel confident in their ability to engage in coaching and feedback conversations with their direct reports, leaders need to be trained in coaching skills as part of their capability development. Many organisations expect that their leaders will coach, and are building that requirement into role descriptions and performance review processes. Ideally, all leaders should be able to coach their direct reports to improve their performance as well as build more effective interpersonal relationships within their teams.

Our delivery philosophy reflects the transformation in understanding of the effectiveness of training programs in that those conducted without follow-up coaching support and accountability workshops are largely just ‘tick-the-box’ exercises rather than genuine attempts to improve individual and team performance based on identified business needs.

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