Course Guide

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour and motivation. The word psychology is derived from the Greek word psyche, meaning 'soul' or 'mind.'    

Psychologists research factors that influence human thinking and behaviour such as perception, cognition, attention, mental processing, intelligence, personality, emotions and motivation. They attempt to understand the mental processes by which individuals take in information from the external environment, integrate that information with what they already know to make sense of it, and consequently react or respond. These are the processes by which people learn, function and respond to various situations that occur in their lives. 

Psychology is both an academic field of study and an applied discipline. As a meta-skillset, it can be applied to various occupations and organisations, for example: 

  • Clinical settings, such as medical and hospital facilities, 
  • Educational settings, such as schools and universities, 
  • Counselling settings, such as the Family Relations Centres,  
  • Community settings, such as self-help and life-enhancing groups, and  
  • Organisational settings, such as corporates and institutions. 

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