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Seven Reasons Why you Deserve a Coach

I came across a Hallmark card recently. It was titled: “Coaches are Everyday Heroes”. The inside tribute says:

“Coaches inspire hopes, nurture dreams and encourage success.

They show you that life means sometimes winning with honour… and sometimes losing with grace.

They support the talented, comfort the troubled and promote good character.

Coaches are everyday heroes… Thanks for being such a great one.”

Would you like someone to send you a card like this? Then surround yourself with people who are positive and appreciate a helping hand. Smart people have a coach, someone to support them and guide them to achieve their dreams. Here’s seven ways that a coach can help you:

1. A coach listens to your story, gets to know you and your situation. How many people in your family or work do that?

2. A coach accepts who you are, unconditionally, warts and all.Their job is not to judge. It is to reinforce those behaviours that are moving you forward,

3. A coach is the best sounding-board you’ll ever have. Holding up a“mirror”to your story helps you to reflect on who you are and what you are doing, which bring self-awareness and insight.

4. A coach asks powerful questions to stretch you to think differently and look for other options. Otherwise your thinking continues to take you round and round in circles, returning to the same old place!

5. A coach is your new best friend, without getting involved in the situation.You can tell your coach everything you’re thinking and dreaming about, and your coach will help you gain clarity and direction.

6. A coach is a dream-maker who helps your dreams come true.helps you set realistic and achievable goals so that you can achieve unimaginable success!

7. A coach is your motivator when things get tough and you want to just give up and walk away from the things you had set your heart on. A coach refreshes your outlook and helps you re-discover your passion, and helps you make the impossible, possible!

For all these reasons, you should get yourself a coach – someone to be by your side when you need a friend who will connect with you personally and support you unconditionally through thick and thin.

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