Course Guide

Purposes for Coaching

Why coach? Who comes to be coached? What re the benefits? 

These questions may be in your mind if you are considering undertaking a coaching course and becoming a coaching professional. 

The image displays the many purposes for which coaching may be used to assist individuals, teams and organisations. 

Starting at the foundational level, the fundamental purpose of coaching is to increase an individual’s self-awareness so that they learn and gain insight into their behavior and its effect on others. Self-awareness and insight is the minimum the coach wants to achieve from each coaching session. With insight comes behavioural change which allows the individual to move positively forwards, make improvements in both their personal and professional lives, and promote in their career. 

When leaders add coaching skills to their behavioural repertoire, their direct reports benefit from improved performance, relationships, and business outcomes. Team morale surges in a positive work environment as employees are coached to achieve their personal and professional goals. Cooperation and collaboration replace competition. Engaged employees experience increased job satisfaction and display greater commitment to organisational outcomes. 

Coaching at the most senior levels is usually conducted by executive coaches external to the organisation, to assist executives think more strategically, innovate, and undertake transformational cultural change. The coaching supports the development of executives who can then position the organisation for sustainability in the external environment. CEOs and senior executives benefit from the opportunity to reflect on their performance and where the organisation is going, as they ‘hold the space’ for others to lead. 

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