Course Guide

Investing in your new or re-vitalised career 

As we emerge from the COVID panic that has gripped our nation, we are enticed by a glimmer of light to embrace new ways of being and doing. Having respect for each other, listening to each other, considering alternate ways of relating and doing work that we would never have thought of before COVID, have all emerged from this crisis to reinforce our need to care for each other and the community at large. 

These philosophical tenants guide COACHING as an approach which helps people make the most of their circumstances so they can lead a full and enriched life. They support sound principles of eating well, getting enough sleep and keeping fit, which are the building blocks for a healthy future. Moreover, and equally as important, they support our mental health as we draw on our emotional reserves to sustain us through to the end of this pandemic. 

What have you been doing to support yourself and your mental health through this difficult period?  

  • Adding to your ‘nest’ to make it more comfortable for both home and work activities? 
  • Completing those tasks that have been sitting there for so long?  
  • Thinking about investing in study to build a new or re-vitalised career? 

Investing in learning about COACHING and developing the coaching skills has many benefits for you and others. Not only does it make you a better listener but it also confirms you as someone who can support others taking actions towards goal achievement. Clients find that they achieve their goals much sooner when they have a coach on their side, motivating and helping them keep track on their progress. And developing coaching skills like active and reflective listening can automatically be applied to all areas of your life to enhance your relationships with others.  

Some of you may already be coaching informally, unknowingly, when others approach you for help to make a difficult decision, discover alternate options for actions, or simply to express their confusion with life or work. People in your environment may be attracted to you because you put them at ease, are a great listener, and don’t judge them. They appreciate being able to unburden themselves with someone with whom they feel so safe and supported. 

To find out how to become a supportive coach, dedicated not only to your own development but also to the growth of others, visit our website and download the course guide Or give us a call on 1300 309 360 to discuss your situation and future.