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Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification

Socially and emotionally intelligent individuals have the ability to tune into their emotions and use this information to make better decisions and more effectively interact with others. Leading authors say coaching is the best way to enhance social and emotional intelligence. You can become certified in Social and Emotional Intelligence through our partners at People Builders.

Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching is one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand areas of coaching today. It is being used by leadership, executive, business, wellness, career, and life coaches all over the world, to bring even greater results for their clients. Now you can get certified through our strategic partnership with Grant Herbert from People Builders.

Designed specifically by coaches for coaches, this course equips you with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools you require to assess the strengths and development needs in Social and Emotional Intelligence, and then train and coach others in 26 key Social + Emotional Intelligence competencies.

Courses are conveniently delivered online, so there’s no need for travel or time out of the office. You complete the modules at your own pace, with the option of attending a bonus live implementation session each month.

The program includes your very own customisable PowerPoint presentation and course workbook (“toolkit”) with 200+ pages of worksheets, exercises and other tools you can use to hone your own social and emotional intelligence and bring this training and coaching into the marketplace.

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