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Diploma of Executive Coaching

Diploma level course for experienced CEOs and senior executives.


This course is for experienced CEOs and senior executives who want to coach back into organisations as an external Executive Coach.

• Thirteen units of study, including the Diploma of Professional Coaching (8 units).

• Includes 3 units of the Diploma of Leadership Coaching to develop your coaching leadership style, communication, change management and innovation abilities and enhance your personal relationships with your direct reports, colleagues and others in the organisation.

• You learn how to be a more effective leader, influencer and communicator, how to manage upwards and use your power bases to bring about change.

• Credit may be available if you have already completed similar academic studies in these areas.

• Includes 2 units of study dedicated to developing your skills as an Executive Coach, based on the scenarios you are likely to encounter when you coach C-suite executives.

• Studying 5-6 hours per week we suggest you will graduate within 12 months, however the more time you can devote to your studies the sooner you will complete the course.

• Hours of practical, hands-on, coach instruction and personal coaching feedback to develop your coaching skills and learn how to coach ethically and responsibly to international standards.

• Business and marketing support via videos, webinars and personal coaching / mentoring throughout the course.

• Delivered online via workbooks, videos and webinars atyour convenience. Workshop option is recommended.

Practical, hands-on, coach instruction with ongoing support provided, 7 days a week via email & phone, as you complete the course and build your coaching career or business.

• You can apply for membership of the International Coaching Federation when you graduate.

• Your Investment = $9,300

• 20% Upfront Discount = $7,440

• 12 Month Payment Plan = $775 per month

Please note - Everything is included. No further charges to complete your course.

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